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About Charles E. Goad

About Old Street Maps

Issued between c.1885 & c.1975, the original Fire Insurance Plans of Charles E. Goad here are possibly the single most important cartographic tool for examining the urban development of many of Britain’s cities, most famously the capital London, during a time of epic transformation.  To this day they remain an invaluable resource to historians, town planners and developers, as well as combining local-area interest with an aesthetic appeal attractive to businesses, institutions, local councils services and private individuals alike.

Geo-spatial Dataset Available

The entire collection of old maps can be accessed remotely via a standard API for use as a geo-spatial dataset in geographic information systems (GIS).

The maps can be integrated into websites or business systems, including access to meta-data, e.g. dates. The collection has been digitised to a very high standard, georeferenced and mapped to current map projections. Maps can be accessed by location, grid reference or latitude/longitude and integrated seamlessly with other geo-spatial datasets.