About us

Old Street Maps

Old Street Maps is a small family run business from Northumberland on the Scottish Borders.

The family have always been fascinated by maps, enjoying the special connection with places and times that maps can give visually.  Three decades ago they took ownership of the original collection of Charles Goad’s Fire Insurance Plans, which prompted curiosity amongst friends and became a point of interest to visitors.  All were keen to see and chart their street’s local history in the context of the growth of their city over the last 150 years.

Many friends requested copies for themselves and to gift to their own friends and suggested the collection be open to the public to be able to do exactly the same.  From printing high-quality copies of the street maps for friends and family, Old Street Maps was able to source an excellent printer at reasonable rates, who the company continues to use for each new customer to their OldStreetMaps online store.